Schools are advised to build a foundation for counseling children involved in Homosexuality related behavior instead of expelling them. The plea was made by Mothers Union Uganda, an international Christian charity organization affiliated to the Anglican Church.

The Provincial President Mothers Union Uganda Ruth Sennyonyi says that the sexuality problems should be addressed within the school setting in order to avoid extending it to the community.

Sennyonyi made her plea during a symposium organized by the Ministry of Gender and Cultural Affairs in commemoration of the International Day of the Family.

The day celebrated on March 15, this year focused on family well-being and promoting family-friendly education. The day highlights the importance of all caregivers in the family, and the importance of parental education for the welfare of children.

Several schools across Uganda have over the years expelled students involved in the vice which remains illegal in Uganda. It carries the possibility of life imprisonment for those found guilty of homosexual acts.

State Minister for Gender and Cultural Affairs Peace Mutuuzo says expelling students from schools due to homosexuality is dangerous.

Mutuuzo suggests that schools and universities should concentrate on sensitizing students about morals and homosexuality instead of punishing students once it is revealed that they are homosexuals.

She observed that chasing the children from school does not address the problem but rather worsens it since the students involved are likely to continue with it in other schools.