By Kiyimba Bruno

Buganda cabinet is carrying out an investigation  on its cabinet members who quit the kingdom work and go for politics. After failure they come back which causes a serious scandle.

The kingdom speaker Mr Noah Kiyimba said that some of these servants including Sylvia Kirabira, Feffeka Serubogo, Michael Nakumusana and many more tried to run for posts in Mukono.

Kiyimba says that one of the laws of the kingdom says that if one person decides to go to politics, they are supported to leave the kingdom work and when they are  back, the same process is expected.

It is on this note that Mr Kasule says that his office has started  notifying them of the right procedures.
Semei Mukwatambogo was chased from the kingdom cabinet on the post of  chairperson of Dingo but he came back to the cabinet on 28/6/2016