Members of NRM’s central executive committee have concluded their task to popularize the proposed constitutional amendment of article 102b in the Kigezi region.

While in Rukungiri, they held meetings with NRM delegates urging them to support the “Magyezi bill” so the party can stay in power.

Major General Jim Muhwezi, the NRM chairman in Rukungiri, spearheaded the CEC members tour around the district.

While the Prime Minister led the group throughout its meetings in Kigezi

The message to the supporters in the district was to make them understand what amending article 102B of the constitution entails.

However, at one of the events, there were people who were not in support of the bill.

The motion to amend article 102(b) was moved by woman councilor for Buhunga and Ruhinda sub counties Hellen Kabajungu and seconded by Fidel Begumisa the district councilor for Nyarushanje Sub County.

Dr.Rugunda in company of Ministers David Bahati, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, Gen. Henry Tumukunde and area MPs urged them to mobilize the electorates and vote out the opposition in the district and allow movement to be on the top of district as it was during the UPM.

Prime Minister Rugunda told the delegates that when article 102(b) is amended that even all youth of 18 years will be able to contest as local council three, five and president.
The Rukungiri chairman NRM party Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi said that the constitution of Uganda allows any legislator to come up with a law that makes amendments and it also allows in some articles grants its

“It’s not only Hon Magezi the first in parliament to move a private members bill, others have done it before such as Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, David Bahati and others” Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi said.
Dr. Chris Baryomunsi the Kinkizi East MP says that all constitutions in the world can be amended since it allows itself since it provides for its amendment adding that opposition that oppose it to be amended because they fear president Museveni when it comes to voting.

Baryomunsi added that there is nothing that doctors can prove that when you reach 75 years you cannot be a president.

The senior presidential advisor Francis Batinti asked the prime minister to deliver a message to the president to consider the NRM party candidates that lost in 2016 general elections but have the capacity to transform the district.

This followed after the Rukungiri municipality MP Roland Mugume Kaginda also carried out the same consultations and was asked never to allow the constitution amendments.