Business in Elegu border Town in Amuru district has been paralysed after Unyama River burst its banks and flooded the area.

The floods followed overnight rains which ended late on Tuesday, displacing an estimated 20,000 people to Bibia parish.

The Water flooded the whole  center including a police post.

Unconfirmed death have reported and Over 1000 herds of cattle swept by running water. One vehicle plugged into water and whereabouts of the occupants unknown. Some residents had to climb on trees.

Witnesses say Five bridges collapsed and Leaders have been calling for motor boats to rescue the situation.

“Boarder post at Elegu taken by water especially the check point in jeopardy”, one witness said.

Bera Herbert, the Proprietor of JS Supermarket in Elegu Town, says nothing could be rescued as traders fled shops in haste for dear lives. He said all shops remain submerged and transport to South Sudan has grounded to a halt.

“It is extremely difficult to tell where the road is. The water level is not yet about to recede. We don’t know for how long the flood will last,” he said on phone.

Geoffrey Malinga, the chairperson of vendors in Elegu Market says stalls, makeshift houses and lock-up shops were washed away by the floods. Thirty-five people and livestock were rescued after being trapped.

Wilfred Odiya Baguma, the Atiak Sub County chairperson says officials from the office of the Prime Minister have arrived to assess the extent of the disaster.

Odiya says some affected people spent the night in Elegu Primary School which is located on a slightly raised ground while others slept in Bibia trading centre, some 10 kilometres South of Elegu.