Kenneth Paul Kakande the public relations officer of the Democratic party says he has foreseen the end results  of the United States of America  elections.

Speaking to the mass, Kakande said that Uganda has to learn from such peaceful elections if they are to move forward.

Yesterday , the United States of America went to the polls to decide their next President. The world over was watching and monitored these campaigns with keen interest.

“We have  various lessons from these campaigns; there was no teargas, no shooting, no imprisonment and no intimidation! There was transparency and no cases of multiple voting or rigging” says Kakande.

Kakande says that Uganda as a democracy or alleged so, should pick a lesson. There is also a moral to politicians that the choice of the people; hard as it may be is the supremacy of democracy. The results of this election will go in the history of the states but also in the world. Both political camps were able to engage their audiences by drawing them with stories as civilians. This was a sign that the journey to democracy can be realized with proper systems in place.

“The decision of the United States of America has a direct impact to the rest of the nations Uganda inclusive. We argue fellow countrymen under the Uganda North American Association; to vote wisely basing on their most practical experiences in the States and may the best Candidate win”, Kakande added.