By Guide Reporter

Red Pepper newspaper supremo Richard Tusiime might enjoy dancing on other people’s graves, but things nowadays are not going his way.

While everyone is talking about his sinking Pepper empire after taking numerous loans from multiple banks, now it has emerged the once ‘revered bishop’ is praying for a miracle that his economic fortunes turn around.

Tusiime a couple of days ago spent some hours in the coolers after one of his many personal creditors came for his neck.

Sekankya Simon, the proprietor of Hardware World apparently loaned Tusiime cement worth more than sh100 million to build a school in Mukono, a project Tusiime thought would cushion him if the umbrella of Red Pepper is taken away.

Senkankya has demanded his money for over a year, but Tusiime in his usual style has refused to pay. Instead, he started a campaign to threaten and blackmail Sekankya through one of the defunct Red Pepper publications, Hello.

However, the hardware business sent him debt collectors a few days ago who picked Tusiime like a grasshopper. They took him to CPS barefoot and without a shirt.

“Tusiime cannot breath,” says a Red Pepper inside who preferred anonymity. The man has neither peace at office or home fearing banks or individuals are looking for him.
Meanwhile, his Red Pepper keeps publishing stories of bad economy to console its suppliers and stakeholders.