A self-proclaimed prophet ordered one of the female members of his church to eat live chicken as part of a deliverance session.
The Zimbabwean pastor was said to have gathered members of his church at a shrine opposite Mkoba Teachers College in Gweru, Zimbabwe, for a deliverance session. While there, the man identified as Micky Mahove aka Madzibaba ‘Beswage’, said that eating the chicken was proof that believers have the ability to eat anything without any side effects.
Beswage who is known for his ‘miracles’ said eating the chicken was an ‘act of faith’, and would heal the woman who he claimed was possessed with an evil spirit which has caused her to devour her children.
Speaking on the incident, Beswage said: “I prophesied to the woman that she was a witch as she had devoured her two children, allegations which she was denying. This is when I ordered the spirit to manifest in her. At once she went into an trance, took a live chicken which was at the shrine and started eating it.” said Madzibaba Beswage.
He said the woman returned to normalcy after taking a leap of faith and getting prayers. Contacted for a comment, the woman said she has a hazy recollection of what transpired.
Recounting what transpired, the woman said: “I went to Madzibaba Beswage’s shrine where l wanted to get cleansed of some troubling spirits. Madzibaba prophesied that I had an evil spirit which makes me eat my children.While I was trying to argue with him, I fell into a trance for almost 30 minutes. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I know is that I recovered to see blood stains on my body. My friends told me that I ate a quarter of live chicken while in a trance.