By Kiyimba Bruno

Famous presenter  Priscilla Namayanja has crossed the lines from super to Beat Fm radio.

According to one of the managers of beat FM, Mr Katongole Omutongole, the big reason why she had to move was because beat made a triple salary deal with her.

Katongole says that Mr Peter Sematimba, the Super FM boss did not chase Namayanja but she only opted due to the higher pay.

“Preciously ¬†Namayanja has been paid a salary of ugx2m but her salary has increased to ugx 6m” Katongole said.

Namayanja has been doing a morning show on super FM with raster Rob MC and has now started working with the likes of Mukunja,Uncle Kabogoza, Faisal among many more.

Super FM has faced problems previously of workers quit in unexpectedly leaving a big gap at the station.