President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had presided over the opening of the 12th Annual National Internal Audit conference at Speke Resort, Munyonyo.

In his opening remarks, this is what he had to say

“I am happy that most of the auditors attending this conference are young. I advise that you do not stain your records.

Public finance is controlled by two sets of people; accounting officers including permanent secretaries, chief administrative officers and auditors.

The second group is that of political leaders but who only do budgeting and directing what things to spend resources on.

So when we talk about misappropriation of funds it is mainly the accounting officers and auditors who are culpable because they are in charge of these finances.

I hear people say “the political head of the institution forced me to do this (misuse funds)” but i want to tell you that politicians have no authority to order you. It is even in the Constitution.

Unscrupulous accounting officers are reinforced by auditors because the auditors trace anomalies but sometimes collude to cover up.

I therefore appeal to you not to stain your record by allying with thieves at your workplaces.

Right attitude, trustworthiness and honesty are very important in this profession, the skills come second.

You are working with global organisations to sharpen your skills but this should find a foundation of honesty.

It is written in the bible in Mark 4:22, “for everything that is hidden will be brought to light”. This should be your role.

The future is therefore bright if you maintain integrity and honesty.
As government, we shall gradually increase remuneration so that you are not lured into corruption”.