President Yoweri Kaguta is in Dubai at the invitation of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for the on going 4th Global Business Forum on Africa under the theme “Next Generation Africa”.

The President was one of the panelists at the forum, and spoke on the topic REALISING THE PROMISE OF INTEGRATION during the Head of State dialogue at the forum.

Uganda and Africa are prime destinations for investments partnerships with the rest of the world.

We are well endowed with natural resources, a growing market, peace and stability in most parts of Africa, have emerging economic blocs like the East African Community, improved infrastructure like the transport network and electricity.

Uganda and most of Africa have attractive policies and a young, fairly educated and vibrant labour force.

On integration, I reiterate this truth; we must have our political ideology right or nothing will be achieved. This should be ideology based on overall strategic interests rather than sectarian based.

As a leader, I am most proud of pushing this agenda for Africa. Apart from inheriting an African common market, I hope for our grandchildren to live in a politically unified Africa; able to defend itself in a world where they are surrounded by emerging giants/countries