police has this morning been involved in running battles with residents of Kitooro, in Entebbe Municipality who were demonstrating against the continued killing of women in the nearby Katabi Town Council.

Four people including Aloyo Daisy Lugonjo, a councillor and Speaker of Division B Entebbe Municipality and three men were arrested during the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, President Yoweri Museveni has made an impromptu visit to Entebbe Municipality, Wakiso district and vowing to bring an end to the senseless murders in the area.

The president’s comes after another woman whose body was last week discovered near a police post, bringing the number of women killed in Wakiso district in a period of three months to 23.

According to the presidential press secretary Lindah Nabusayi, president Museveni, who was unaccompanied carried a notebook and has been taking notes as residents narrated their horror to him.

She says president Museveni urged residents to cooperate with the security agencies and to report suspicious people.

“The wanainchi gave me valuable information”, the president said,

“We have previously dealt with and defeated more sophiscated crime, including terrorism. We shall apprehend those behind these killings.

I also send my condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones”, he said.


It took two months and 10 killings for the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, and the security minister Henry Tumukunde, to visit the area and pitch camp for a few days. Despite their efforts and heightened security, five additional women have been killed in the area. The latest bodies were recovered last week.

With the killings in Nansana Municipality, the number of victims has reached 24.

Despite the fear and uncertainty created by the killings, their proximity to the center of power and state institutions like barracks of the Special Forces Command, installations like Entebbe Airport and other government and private facilities, the silence from the head of state and commander-in-chief was deafening, according to residents.

In recent days residents had started taking matters into their own hands. Last week students of Nkumba University threatened to riot if the situation is not arrested.

Today residents of Kitooro Township in Entebbe Municipality held a demonstration after the police arrested their leaders who wanted to address a press conference at the Children’s Park to voice their concerns over the killings. The group, under the umbrella body Entebbe Community Initiative was intercepted by anti-riot police while marching from a place called Lugonjo to the Park.