President Museveni today addressed two rallies in Arua as to canvass support for Isaac Etuka, the NRM flag-bearer, in the Upper Madi parliamentary by-election.

During his address, President Museveni promised the people of Arua  that because of the vast nature of Arua District, the government will give it three units of the recently procured road construction equipment.

He added that the district should now be able to construct and maintain its roads. There is no need for contractors. The government will fuel the machines.

President Museveni urgued the People of Upper Madi to  vote for the NRM because It’s the party that has brought peace and development to Uganda.

“I noticed majority of the crowds that greeted me are youthful people. If you ask your parents, they will tell you they were once refugees”, Museveni said.

He further said that today, Ugandans are no longer refugees instead we host refugees because Uganda is peaceful.

He also promised  Idraa Villageto get electricity.

“Arua’s problem was that the source of electricity was far and the demand was low. But we have now constructed a power station at Nyagak which will address this problem.

I also urge the people of Arua to embrace wealth creation. It helps you improve at individual level.


The roads may not be very good but can a pig refuse to be taken to Nebbi for sale because roads are bad? Development is good but creating wealth for yourself is more helpful”, the president said.

He  urged Upper Madi voters to support Mr Etuka and  promised to return here for his victory party once he wins.