According to this letter from Janet Museveni, the president has directed university council to “make necessary arrangements for university to reopen”


According to Dr Wana-Etyem, President Museveni having satisfied himself with the patriotic act of members of MUASA who agreed to resume teaching, has directed the council to take immediate steps to re-open the university.

“I am therefore, on behalf of the council, announcing the opening of Makerere University with immediate effect,” Wana-Etyem said at a press conference addressed by himself alone at the Main Administration building.

He added that students will return for the continuation of the first semester on January 2, 2017 and will spend seven weeks at the university before the semester closes. Lecturers will also be able to access their offices, beginning Monday next week.

“Arrangements have been made to ensure that students will not lose any more time as a result of the closure of the university,” Wana Etyem said. He added that all marks for the students expected to graduate in March should be submitted by lecturers not later than January 13.

According to Dr Wana-Etyem, all university staff have been paid their salaries for the months of November and December and their incentives for one month.