The details of president Museveni and Gen Kale Kayihura meeting last week have leaked, we can exclusively reveal.

The Thursday meeting at President Museveni’s upcountry home in Rwakitura home, Western Uganda was the first meeting ever since he sacked and replaced Gen Kayihura with his deputy Martin Okoth Ochola.

Gen Kayihura is currently camped at his farm in Lyantonde district together with his family and aides.

According to a source well versed with the meeting, Gen Kayihura reported to president Museveni that the problem in police was not him but senior officers mostly police Directors whom he said worked with criminals to paint him as a bad person and failed him.

Gen Kayihura reportedly told president Museveni that most police directors are all connected to crimes committed in Kampala and are working closely with wrong elements in the public.

Kayihura also asked the president not to renew their contracts saying that the force will continue to face the same problem that it faced under his administration because of them.

It is indicated that president Museveni also concurred with Kayihura not to add new contracts to the police directors once they expire.

It is reported that some senior police officers mostly directors could be seen pacing up and down in the corridors of police headquarters hatching plans petition the police authority to appeal to the appointing authority to renew their contracts.

They included most directors who had planned to leave the force because they were not Kayihura’s favorites but have since changed their minds after his exit and want to have their contracts renewed.

Meanwhile in the same meeting, Kayihura asked president allow him first move out of the country and rest because he had spent time at work without resting.

Museveni gave him a go ahead and promised him that he’s going to deploy him soon.

Gen Kayihura also asked the president not to deploy him in any position which involves with politics.

The president also reportedly promised to bring him very closely because he understands politics in Uganda.

Museveni also reportedly asked him to help him on the Rukungiri by-election the ruling NRM candidate Winnie Matsiko is going for a rerun with the opposition FDC after her election was over turned by the court of appeal.

However, Kayihura said that the likes of Gen Henry Tumukunde are from Rukungiri so he can’t work with them because they have been fighting him.