President Museveni has today Attended the memorial & thanksgiving service for former president General Tito Okello Lutwa at his ancestral village of Lapona in Kitgum.

The event was hosted by his son, Hon Okello Oryem, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

The president said he had a long history with Tito Okello, having first met him in February 1971 in Bukoba, Tanzania as they prepared to fight Idi Amin.

In his speech, the president said that it was an honour for him to join multitudes on this occasion and added that he hoped everyone carried  forward some of the lessons learnt from the life of that great man.

“To the people of Northern Uganda, I had the following four debts, Museveni said;
Peace: This one I believe the government has delivered to a great extent.

Roads: Most of the key roads in northern Uganda have been tarmacked. Also we are seeing fruits of immunization and universal education”, he said.