Thousands of Catholic believers filled up the Lubaga cathedral church as they celebrated Christmas. The mass that was celebrated by the Arch Bishop of Uganda Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga ,attracted big posts of government officials commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Among the participants was the vice president of the republic of Uganda Hon Kiwanuka Ssekandi who asked people to keep the habit of planting trees as a custom. Hon Ssekandi continued to say that he wants to see the income of every family in Uganda increase due to the kind of work that they do.

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It is on this occasion that the Katikiro of Buganda Peter Mayiga showed concern on the innocent Ugandans who have not showed concern about their lives. Mayiga through the Kabaka of Buganda’s Message  requested the government of Uganda to do enough research on the ongoing murders and come up with a genuine report which they have to show the nation.

Mr Mayiga also requested the government of Uganda to put Kasese in order and those found suspected of the course be put in front of the laws.

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In the weather that was so hot, many vendors were seen selling juice and water  to children as others painted the faces to amplify the beauty of Christmas. Rosaries were sold highly as half capes was messages of merry Christmas were mostly attended by children. In fact it was hard to see a child leaving the church without a cape. Camera men  filled up the place as they welcomed  the believers to the church,requesting them to take photographs which were to be exchanged with a sum of UGX2000, a fee that many afforded. Balloons weer also sold to parents with children as they were some of the key things that children loved most.

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security was at its most as every one who entered was using one entrance which was being monitored by police and its machines.

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The mass was made sweeter by the st Cecilia choir which warn the 2016 diocese competitions in the singing festival that took place at Lubaga.