The Uganda Police Force have revealed that there is lack of adequate technology to track mobile phones of kidnappers once they have been switched off.

This was said by the Kampala Metropolitan Commander, CP Moses Kafeero while appearing with his bosses before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament on Tuesday. Kafeero had been queried by MPs on the steps the Police is taking to apprehend kidnappers as the trend of abductions continues to grow.

Kafeero informed MPs that some of the kidnappers were using the victims’ phones which he said makes it hard to track their identity.

He gave an example of Rose Nakiseeka whose phone was used by her captors and whenever they made calls to demand for ransom, they (kidnappers) switched off the phone immediately.

He explained that once a phone has been switched off, the mast cannot trace its location.

“Actually, what we discovered in the case of Nakisekka was – when the case was reported, the kidnappers were using her phone. When we worked with the telecommunication company, indeed the particulars of the phone that was being used turned out to be the girl’s,” Kafeero said.

“This system of tracking works only when the phone is on. You keep tracking the masts, and as soon as the phone is off, one can travel anywhere and the mast can’t detect them”.


Regarding the security situation in the country, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Obiga Kania noted that the situation is normal, save for the few incidents of crime that happen in any other society.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martins Okoth Ochola said, “The situation is normal and calm, the security organs are working in tandem to ensure that there is law and order and we shall maintain it”.

“The handful of thugs who are committing crimes in the country, we shall handle them and make sure they are produced in courts of law,” the IGP said.