The Police Friday said they were “on top of situation” and reassured citizens the country was secure ahead of Easter celebrations.

In a statement read by spokesperson Asan Kasingye at the forces headquarters at Naguru, Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura said there was no reason to fear and citizenry needed to go about their Easter celebrations normally.

Kayihura also said investigations into the murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi were in advanced stages and that soon the forces would release a report detailing who “planned and executed” the police officer.

He cautioned media against “negative reporting and creating unnecessary anxiety” in public saying the (Kaweesi) investigations would be concluded and murders brought to book.

Addressing journalists, Police spokesperson Asian Kasingye said that they are almost done with the investigations into the brutal murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP), Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Police Spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, says they are only left with a few things and will soon issue a detail report into the murder.

“We will come out soon with a thorough report on the masterminds of the murder and the assailants,” Kasingye told Journalists at the Police headquarters in Naguru on Good Friday. Kaweesi was gunned down by unidentified assailants riding on motorcycles together with his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Mambewo on March 17th in Kulambiro in Nakawa Division, Kampala.

The former police spokesperson had left his home on his way to Uganda Christian University in Mukono where he was scheduled to address students jointly with the Uganda Prisons Spokesperson and their UPDF Spokesperson.

According to Kasingye, they are holding more than forty suspects in connection to murder, two of whom believed to be the actual killers. Most of the suspects were arrested because of their suspicious behavior or due to their close resemblance to the three composite images released shortly after Kaweesi’s murder.

They have been under interrogation for the last three weeks. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kale Kayihura, says Kaweesi’s murder was planned on phone. “We know that phones were used to plan in the murder of Kaweesi and we are looking into the numbers and the phones,” Kayihura said.

The ballistic report released by the Police Forensic Department show that trio was killed using an M6 and AK47 riffle.