Nakyegwe Brenda, a 2nd year student of Drama and film was allegedly thrown through the window from the 4th floor of Mitchell hall (Makerere University) at 11.00pm yesterday (Saturday 15th April, 2017).

Police responded as soon as informed. One suspect has been arrested so far; identified as Jeremiah, a 4th year student of Medicine. He is currently detained at Wandegeya police station. Brenda is in critical condition and admitted at Mulago R/hospital.

Its alleged that BRENDA NAKYEJJU, a second year student of FILM AND DRAMA attached to Mary Stuart but currently residing in CYBER HOSTEL  jumped from level 3 of a room on block B Mitchell.

She was rushed and to and is currently admitted at MULAGO HOSPITAL.
Those that escorted her to the hospital say she was speaking and confirmed she jumped “because she had been locked in the room and threatened with rape”. This is the account given by Makerere university chief security officer S.P Mucunguzi Japheth Jeff Jackson.

The rape suspect who prompted victim Brenda Nakyejju to fall off from his room in Mitchel Hall at Makerere University has been identified as Jeremiah Mugyema, a 26-year-old fourth year Medical student.

According to police, Mugyema is being held at Wandegeya Police Station.

It is alleged that the two had met at Wandegeya earlier in the day before Mukyemu invited his victim to come check out his room.

“He made the first attempt to rape her but it failed. He then locked the room and tried again, still without any success. This is when he left her locked up and went to buy some things from the canteen,” Makerere Chief Security Officer (CSO) Jackson Mucunguzi said.

He said that the already threatened lady also boiled water in a percolator which she would use in case the guy made another attempt.

“When the guy opened the room, the lady poured the hot water into his face and things got out of control. The guy became very violent and with the room locked, this forced the lady to jump out the window.” Mucunguzi asserted.