Police at Wandegeya police station is hunting for new city socialite Don Nasser alias Nasser Bassajjabalaba on allegations of defrauding USD1800, 000 about shs 6,644,881,944.01UGX.

According to the complainant (Name withheld on request), Nasser obtained the said money in the year 2015 claiming that he was going to supply him gold but since then he has vanished in thin air.

Nasser who uses different names claims he is a gold dealer and obtains money from unsuspecting clients most especially whites and Arabs whom he defrauds their money and disappears.

He was last week arrested by police in Kampala and briefly detained at Wandegeya and was released on police bond after pleading that he had a business trip to the United States.

By the time of his arrest in the evening, he was in one of his monster cars model 2016 with tycoon Mutasa Kafero’s daughter.

Our entertainment desk has learnt that Nasser left for US on Wednesday to meet his clients.

For the past few weeks the youthful and wannabe money bag invaded Kampala and is normally seen cruising expensive customized rides.

He calls himself Don Nasser on social media but not much is known about him but sources in police intimated to us that he deals in conning unsuspecting foreigners claiming that he is selling gold to them.