Pharmacists under their umbrella body, the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU) have warned President Yoweri Museveni to stop threatening striking doctors who are currently on strike.

Speaking at a rally in Burahya County, Kabarole District on Thursday, Museveni said he would sack all medical doctors currently on strike for failing the NRM principal of managing scarce resources and replace them with those who are hungry for jobs.

But pharmacists under their umbrella association, Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU), warned that threatening medical workers will only aggravate the situation.

“If I were him, I would not threaten them but rather seek dialogue with them to solve the impasse,” Edson Ireeta, a member of PSU told journalists in Kampala on Friday.

President Museveni on Thursday said the doctors had betrayed him by letting people die because they want a pay raise, something he described as being intolerable and vowed to replace the striking medical workers with new ones.

The army spokesperson, Brig. Richard Karemire, on Thursday confirmed that they had deployed military doctors in hospitals to fill the vacuum left by the striking doctors.

Responding to the move, the pharmacists’ body said the deployment was a waste of time.
“How many medics does the army or police have? Even if they deploy them, they cannot close the gap left by the striking medical workers,”Ireeta said.

Uganda Medical Association president Dr Ekwaro Obuku recently said there are over 1,300 medical doctors and nurses currently on strike. He also said on Thursday that the President’s threats to fire the striking doctors are not applicable.

Speaking at a rally , Museveni said that he has felt a sense of betrayal by the medical professionals because he had instructed for enhanced remuneration of all scientists working with the government, medical doctors inclusive, but wondered why the medical workers wanted preferential treatment from others.

He advised the medical doctors to go back to work and await a report by the Public Service Salaries’ Commission that will streamline salaries of all public servants.

He saluted the medical workers of Kabarole for not engaging in the industrial action.

Burahya County MP, Hon. Margret Muhanga, said that basing on the on-going consultation on the proposed constitution amendment to scrap the presidential age limit, the people and leadership of her constituency are undivided and support the proposed amendment.

He commended the Movement Government for a number of development programmes in Burahya Constituency in particular and Kabarole district in general.