Five people have been confirmed dead and three others injured following an accident involving a pepsi Twangula promotion car, a pickup truck and a motorcycle.

The accident happened Tuesday night in Nakasongola along the Kampala-Gulu highway at 10:00pm

It is reported that a pickup truck, registration number UAX 182F loaded with chicken which was over speeding failed ist driver as he dodged a pothole and lost control, hitting a motorcycle and the Pepsi car UBD 061D.

The occupants of the motorcycle were confirmed dead at the scene as Bakobe Ssekeba and Ivan Buyinza all from the same family, while others died moments later.

“The injured are now at Nakasongola Military Hospital while we investigate the cause of the accident,” Paul Kangave, the Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson, said.

Of late, the Kampala- Gulu highway has become a death trap, this is the fourth accident in a space of four weeks including a bus accident that claimed 23 lives and injured scores.

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