Kabale Secondary school in Kabale Municipality has suspended at least 900 students following a violent strike.

The strike was sparked off by rival student groups that fought over a female student on Friday. According to reports, a male student in senior six wanted to date a girl who already had a boyfriend in senior four. The incident resulted in a fist fight between friends of the rival boys.

The move was followed by bickering and fist fights between the rival camps.

The students went on rampage and destroyed property belonging to the school neighbor identified as, Rodgers Habomugisha. Anti-riot police which was called in when the situation went out of control used tear gas and live bullets to disperse the rowdy students

The Deputy Internal Security Officer for Kabale district Kenneth Birungi says that security team held a meeting with the school administration and decided to send away the students to avoid more confusion. He says that the school board will decide the fate of the students and when they will return to school.

Kabale secondary school head teacher Edwin Babimpa told our reporter that the administration will consult relevant authorities before any other step is taken. Police were still heavily deployed at the school by the time of filing this story.