PARLIAMENT: The Minister of State for Internal Affairs Mario Obiga Kania and the Inspector General of Police, Martins Okoth-Ochola have failed to provide answers on the recent spate of killings and kidnaps in the country.

The two, together with a delegation of other high ranking police officers were on Tuesday appearing before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament, chaired by Ms Safia Nalule (NRM-PWDs) to respond to concerns of people’s rights.

The lawmakers tasked the IGP and the minister to explain why many cases of kidnap and killings in the country have passed unabated.
Instead, they asked for more time to be able to respond to the questions put before them.

“There are a number of issues raised by members but it would only be fitting that we go back and respond to them in writing and in detailed way so that as we come back the next time, we present them,” said Mr Ochola.
Mr Obiga said that he would be presenting a statement regarding the security situation in the country and asked the MPs to hold their patience.

“We have a statement as a ministry to make on security in this country; we are making a joint statement with all other security organs that will involve the issue about sim-cards, their use and so forth…,” he said.
The minister’s response was provoked by consistent demands by Kilak South MP, Gilbert Olanyah, who also doubles as the shadow minister for Defence, Security and Veteran Affairs.
Mr Olanya tasked the police chief and the minister to explain how criminals use active sim-cards to demand ransom from the victim’s relatives.

“With due respect to the shadow minister for Internal Affairs (Mr Olanya), that is an operational issues, let us preserve that, we shall handle it in Parliament,” Mr Obiga said.
Since the beginning of 2018, the country has been awash of kidnap cases, with little success registered by the police in saving the victims.

Mr Ochola said however, that there is need to boost the Police Force’s Investigation capacity, by investing in a Specialized Investigation Unit.
The lawmakers also blamed the police for simply arresting suspects and keeping them in custody beyond mandatory 48 hours.

Kaberamaido County MP Veronica Bichetero described the police request for the amendment for the Constitution to increase the detention period from 48 hours as shameful and insult to Parliament, regarding the protection of people’s rights.