Kim Jong-un today hit out against the US and warned there could be an ‘“increasing danger of war” on the Korean Peninsula.

The chubby-cheeked dictator has grown in confidence in recently following a series of successful missile and hydrogen bomb tests – resulting in heightened tensions with the US.

But Kim pushed hostilities further through a veiled threat that all-out war would break out between the two nations if the US did not pull out its troops from South Korea.

North Korea’s mouthpiece KCNA said: “The US claims that its military presence is for peace on the peninsula, but it is no more than a deception of the international community.

“We are now in a tense situation, in which a nuclear war may break out, which is constantly prevailing on the peninsula due to ceaseless nuclear war drills by the US in South Korea.

It added: “The US is outrageously challenging the Korean nation’s struggle for sovereignty, revealing its intention to keep its military presence in South Korea for an indefinite period.

“Its presence in South Korea is the root cause of all kinds of misfortune and pains.”

But South Koreans will welcome the US presence after radioactive gas was spotted in the North.

Observers first raised the alarm after they found traces of xenon-133 isotopes on nine separate occasions while equipment off South Korea’s coast detected substances four times.

Xenon-133 is a colourless gas that is used in the operation of nuclear fission reactors.

The substance that was detected did not occur naturally and has been linked to the North’s nuclear tests in the past.