National Resistance Movement (NRM) historical Amanya Mushega has opposed the proposed scrapping of age limits from the constitution,

“Constitutions and other laws are made to govern society and control the greed of men for power and resources. Constitutions are made to stand the test of time and challenges and not be changed casually and worse still to suit the interest of one person or group.” said Mushega.
“Power intoxicates far more than alcohol. In case of alcohol, when the individual wakes up his shaken by hang over and other effects and has a chance to reflect and rethink.’

‘For power however its a permanent presence every where the occupant is or needs its ever present. It can easily lead to the Hubris — a syndrome that befalls many who have substantial power over a length of time,” he added.

Amanya Mushega, a historical member of the National Resistance Army liberation struggle has warned Members of Parliament against amending the Constitution to benefit of an individual.

Most leaders possess typical leadership qualities such as the ability to inspire and persuade, a grand vision, and a controlled fearlessness when taking risks. There is, however, a darker side to many leaders, manifested in character traits such as extreme pride and overconfidence, coupled with a complete contempt for others. These character traits, which can be summarized by the term ‘hubris’, lead to impulsive and often destructive behaviour.

“When a leader becomes above the law and whenever the fundamental law of the land affects him, it must be changed at all costs and hastily, you are headed for disaster. It becomes a question of just not when but also how.” said Mushega. He warned MPs that when everything is done to keep one individual or group in power, it sows seeds of disaster for the future generation.

Mushega also questioned the hurry to specifically amend the presidential ‘Age Limit’ provision although it is accompanied by, what he described as ‘Emperekezi amendments.’ “What mischief has occurred? Who has complained that the provision as it is has prevented them from standing?

The private member’s bill tabled by the Igara West MP, Raphael Magyezi seeks to among other things to scrap Article 102(b), which bars people below 35 and those above 75 years from contesting for presidency.

The Bill also seeks to scrap the 30-year lower limit and the 75-year upper cap for those contesting for the post of Local Council Five chairperson, which is provided for under Article 183 (2) (b) of the Constitution.

“Where did the Hon. Magyezi Raphael the mover who had earlier demonstrated against leaders who wants to over stay pick this noble idea from?” Mushega asked.National Resistance Movement (NRM) historical Amanya Mushega has opposed the proposed scrapping of age limits from the constitution, saying power intoxicates far more than alcohol.

The former top NRM ideologue turned critic after he walked out of the party in 2005 made the remarks when appeared before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee on Thursday to submit his views on the Constitution (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2017.