By Kiyimba Bruno

The National Resistance Movement party  began the liberation day celebrations in Masindi by donating bread to hospitals. The bread was delivered to new mothers, patients, attendants and staff of Masindi Hospital.

Todwong said the party’s aim was to make a fall-up of government contribution to district hospital and thereafter formulate a report and recommendations that will be forwarded to the respective authority for implementation.

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“Our main aim is to make audit policies of government at all levels especially the funds that government allocates to the districts, and this is how NRM will make a fall-up story on that money,” Todwong said.


He thanked the party youth league for organizing the successful event and also applauded party members for taking part in the noble cause of giving back to the community.


The deputy secretary general promised to lobby government to offer more support to the health unit and also see to it is included in phase II of hospital renovation.

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He also notes that the issue of understaffing will also be solved during this coming phase II of renovations,


Dr Omona thanked the district of Masindi for the important role it played during the liberation struggle. He also thanked the people of the district for voting NRM back into power during the concluded general elections.


speaking on the  of utility debts faced by the district hospital, Omona said that government was proposing the introduction of the concessional billing system that will see facilities that provide special services to the public benefit by having their bills subsidized by government.


He also appealed to the hospital management to embrace best practices of managing utility wastage; a move he said will go a long way in reducing the facility’s expenses.

among other activities that were done on this day were cleaning through sweepint the hospital courtyard, matching with the band as well as counselingn of patients