NORTH Korea has a stockpile plague which it could have unleash in just ten days in a horrifying biological attack on the US.

Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons are not the only threat as the rogue state also has a much more secretive chemical and bio-weapons programme.

These weapons are feared to kill “tens of thousands” and completely shut down any state North Korea decides to unleash them upon.

Defence officials warned Kim has stockpiles of the bubonic plague, and said it could be weaponised in just ten days, Daily Star Online reveals.

The pathogen – yersinia pestis – killed up to 450 million worldwide in during an outbreak known as the Black Death, including 60% of everyone in Europe.

Outbreaks still pop-up worldwide, with the World Health Organisation currently battling the plague in Madagascar.

“These weapons can cause not only tens of thousands of deaths, but also create panic”
Belfer Centre
South Korea’s defence ministry believes the Black Death is one of 13 agents that North Korea has the ability to weapons ”within ten days”.

Pathogens stockpiled by Kim includes Smallpox, Anthrax, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Chlorea, Seoul admitted.

North Korea has previously denied any existence of a bioweapons programme.

And with secretive testing in hidden labs behind closed doors, it may be impossible to know for sure what Kim has in his arsenal.

Defence experts are now calling on the world governments to focus on finding out just what chemical and biological weapons Kim has.

Countering North Korea’s chemical programs is “urgent and necessary”, it was warned in paper published by the Belfer Centre at Harvard.

North Korea are believed to deploy a biological attack by using missiles, drones, planes and rocket launches.

Aircraft could fly like crop sprayers dousing cities in airborne disease, or fired in short-range rockets across the border.

Special forces are also feared to infiltrate and spread disease – with Kim having 200,000 commandos.

Experts warn they could even pose as gardeners or cleaners to spray the pathogens.

Plague has been used in warfare before, with Japan weaponising the Black Death for use on the US in World War 2.

Secretive chemical warfare team Unit 731 had a bases where they bred vermin carrying the disease for transport abroad.

Some of the rats loaded with the plague-carrying fleas were unleashed in China – killing more than 12,000.

Japan’s end game was a strike on the US using submarine aircraft carriers to unleash planes loaded with plague fleas over San Diego.

Chillingly, this plot was called Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night.

Plans were all-set to unleash the horrifying plague on September 22, but Japan surrendered on August 15.

The academic paper – titled The Known and Unknown – was published last month amid growing tensions with North Korea.

It said: “The goal of the international community should be to simultaneously gather more information about North Korea’s BW capability and reduce this threat posed by North Korea.

“It should not be comforted by the scarcity of information on the program, but should instead redouble efforts to better understand the threat and prepare to respond to it.”

The US President has spent the past few weeks in Asia as he tries to drum up support for a tougher crackdown on Kim.