Earlier today Police shot embattled Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze with a rubber bullet while trying to stage a rally in Masaka District.

After being brutalised by Police, Nambooze was arrested and taken to Central Police Station in Masaka where her health condition deteriorated leading to her collapse in a police cell.

According to her political aide,Kaweesa, the Buganda Vice chairperson has been injured on the head and chest.

All this happened this morning as Police in Masaka District were trying to blocka meeting which had been convened by Democratic Party leaders in Masaka Municipality.

John Mwawule, the Masaka District Police Commander told MP Mpuuga that the meeting was illegal and therefore could not be held at Tropic Inn Hotel. He told Mpuuga that the meeting had not been approved by Democratic Party National Executive Council.

The meeting which was scheduled to take place at Tropic Inn Hotel from 9 am, by 8am police under the command of Masaka district police commander, John Chrysestom Mwaule had already sealed off the hotel gate denying DP members access to the premises. Attempts by angry DP members to enter the hotel by force were futile.

Ms Rose Nanziri, the manager Tropic Inn Hotel told the hungry DP supporters that police had instructed her not to allow them in unless they present a clearance letter from police as required by the law.

“The DPC wrote ordering me not to allow your meeting here,” she said.

The area MP Mathias Mpuuga, one of the conveners of the meeting, insisted he had written to police informing them of the indoor meeting and later a rally in Masaka Town.

“The police received our letter and stopped us from organising a rally, but okayed the indoor meeting, which we agreed. Why are they blocking us now?” Mr Mpuuga asked.

Police later on arrested Mr Joseph Kasirye, the political assistant of Mr Mpuuga. He was later released.

DP vice chairperson for Buganda Region and Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze was expected to attend the meeting.

There have been running battles between police and some members of DP who had come for the foiled meeting.

Mr Mpuuga who travelled to Lukaya town to receive Ms Nambooze’s entourage which also included Busiro East MP Medard Sseggona , was intercepted by police and held at Lukaya Police Station together with three journalists.

These included Uganda Radio Networks Edward Bindhe, Vision Groups Hanipher Namuwonge and Robert Nsubuga a reporter with BBS TV. They spent part of sunday at Lukaya Police station in Kalungu distriact before being the released.

Both Ms Nambooze and Mr Sseggona used a village route through Kalungu Town to connect to Masaka. On arrival, the duo was arrested and whisked to Masaka Central Police Station.

Riot police used tear gas and live bullets to disperse a group of DP supporters who attempted to storm the station.

Recently, Nambooze was suspended from Democratic Party for three months over misconduct and she was barred from carrying out any party’s obligation and activity.