By Kiyimba Bruno


Uganda and Tanzanians outlets that used to make up 4.5% of the operations yet they used to account for 25% of the operating Costa of Uchumi, all went in vain after Uchumi’s closure on 14th October 2015 The virus did not only stop on Uchumi. But now, it seems Nakumatt is next. Two months ago when produce like. Mesa Milk, Nakumtt was known for possessing almost everything a home would have. It was an Eden with in the Eden.

High operation costs,unstable economy are some of the grievance Nakumatt is facing. When we contacted one of its customers, he  said that he was once proud of the leading supermarket. But now he feels ashamed to mention its name.

Currently, the number of suppliers is going down and negotiations are going down to curb the situation.

However all to has to be related to  the fact that Nakumatt has a debt of shs144b  by 2011 that has dropped the profit to shs28b by 2015

The question that is to stay is who to pay and who to be paid.