Speaking at the International Labour Day celebrations in Pallisa district today, Museveni warned that people should eat food relief carefully because they may be eating a school or a road. Museveni also warned that food aid may dissuade people from working who will instead wait for food aid from government.

The president said that Working culture is still a problem in rural areas. “Many people don’t work; they spend time in alcohol and gambling”, the president said.

The President said government is a going to make laws to regulate drinking and gambling hours.

Last month , on April 10 and 11, the government distributed relief food items to the people of Katakwi district, one of the many parts of Uganda that have been hit by persistent food shortage.

It’s ┬áreported that the biting hunger was getting worse in Karamoja and Teso with some starving residents of Tisai Island in Kumi District forced to stake their National Identity Cards (IDs) as security to businessmen in exchange for food items received on credit. In Karamoja, most families have crossed into Kenya to be registered as refugees in camps in order to benefit from relief food that Kenya government is distributing to its peo