Outgoing Forum for Democratic Change President Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu will today Wednesday morning speak on his next move.

Gen. Muntu, whose defeat by former Kimi Member of Parliament Patrick Oboi Amuriat during the weekend FDC polls has left divided opinion within in the opposition party and the country has left everyone guessing on his next move, with some of his supporters encouraging him to quit the opposition party where he has been regularly referred to as a move.

Gen. Muntu did concede he felt worked up associating with people who “did not trust him” in his weekend concession speech but only said “I will be making some decisions in the next few days”.
The former army commander on Tuesday evening announced he would Wednesday morning clear the air.

“Fellow Ugandans,
I would like to thank all of you for the great show of support for the pursuit of democracy as well as our concerted and continuing struggle for a better Uganda. I will be holding a press conference on Wednesday at 10am at Hotel Africana. God bless you all”.

Gen. Muntu wrote on his Facebook page.