By Kiyimba Bruno

The general secretary of the National Council of Sports [N.C.S]is yet to throw back a stone to the Uganda Olympics Committee [U.O.C] after a long period of elections that the NCS had stopped.

The elections were held at the U.O.C offices at Lugogo where William Blick managed to win as president. In these elections Mr. Blick managed to win with 100% record after elections that 90% of the registered federations turned up.

The reasons that the N.C.S is giving for stopping the elections is that there were some loopholes that the N.C.S needed clarification from the U.O.C which the U.O.C under looked.

Tomorrow the U.O.C is yet to give its stand on the status of the N.C.S in their press briefing that will take place at their offices in Lugogo.

Meanwhile even the N.C.S has vowed to throw back to these allegations in the press briefing that shall take place at the N.C.S offices at the MTN arena Lugogo as elucidated by the General Secretary.

“We shall respond to all those questions on Thursday in a press conference where we shall give a detailed statement at the N.C.S offices.” Says Mulamagi

The battle however according to the U.O.C officials is not the between the N.C.S and U.O.C but some individuals in the N.C.S who are trying to fight the U.O.C