By Namugerwa Martha

Members of Parliament have demanded that foreign traders who call themselves investors but doing petty businesses to vacate Kampala in order to leave Ugandans engage in such businesses.

This was said during a parliamentary meeting by a parliamentary committee responsible for Trade Industry and Tourism.

Mps said that people from India, China, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania come as investors yet indeed they are not ending up selling things that should be sold by Ugandans.

Kenneth Lubogo ,MP Bulamogi county and chairman of the committee said that they are trying to meet the demands of Kampala City Traders( KACITA) who demanded parliament to look for other places outside Kampala to take the foreigners who want to do petty businesses.

“Many foreigners are selling second hand clothes, pancakes, snacks and fruits which should have been done by Ugandans.” Lubogo said.

Lubogo added that some Chinese traders conspire with arcade landlords to raise rent so that Ugandan traders leave the buildings for them to occupy them.