By Kiyimba Bruno

Motherhood is an important role associated with positive benefits for child development and well being. Maternal skills and perceptions of this role improve children’s brain development, language, social skills and reduction of drugs and violence .
Speaking at a two days conference dubbed  “The 12th annual scientific conference of Uganda Paediatrics associon”, Dr Tamara Bugembe, from  kings college hospital, London,United Kingdom, said that there are many social cultural benefits that affect a child living with epilepsy.


Tamara says that in the research she did, traditional healers have mislead most Africans with 92.2% to think that they are the only ones that can help them lay man. She continued to say that trusting a traditional healer is  merely risking a patients lifer.
She further advised parents to always take eir children to the medical personnel since then have the  knowledge of helping them.
The conference took place at hotel Africana and involved doctors from all over Uganda who also gave reports on the studies that they carried out in their districts.