An angry mob has lynched two people to avenge the killing of five children in Alebtong district in a span of three weeks. The dead have been identified as Kemis Awany and Geoffrey Acak, both residents of Agoro village in Akura Sub County.

The duo was lynched on Tuesday evening after bodies of two children aged seven and nine were discovered near their homes following their disappearance on Monday.

Bob Ebil, the clan chief of Okii-teki in-charge of Akura Sub County, told URN that residents were incensed when they saw the lifeless bodies of Daphne Acen and Oscar Enyang near the homes of the duo.

According to Ebil, officers from Akura police post rushed to rescue the duo but they were overpowered by residents. John Peter Ematu, the North Kyoga Regional Police Commander, says police has deployed heavily in the area to monitor the situation.

According to Ematu, they have embarked on community policing to sensitise residents against taking the law into their hands.  He says they have also opened investigation into the death that occurred in the area lately.

On August 10, a five-month-old baby- girl died mysteriously. Her elder sister aged 15 year also died under unclear circumstances on August 15th. On August 22, two children aged one and three also died under mysterious circumstances.

In a related development, at least four people have been killed and several others injured in a mob attack in Kween district. Joseph Okwakol, the Kween Resident District Commissioner, says the incident occurred on Tuesday at about 3pm.

According to Okwakol, a mob descended on a group of mourners from Kapkwech clan in Kapkwata in Chema sub-county in Kapchorwa district at Chekwir village in Moyok sub-county in Kween district.

He says preliminary reports show that the Kapkwech had gone to mourn their daughter, Yudes Yeko.  Okwakola says chaos started when the group inquired circumstances surrounding the death of their daughter who alleged lynched by a mob on Monday on accusations of bewitching her husband, Moses Seluk, a member of Kaplelon clan.

Seluk died on Sunday after a short illness. Angered with the manner in which their daughter was killed, members of Kapkwech clan reportedly started torching huts in the area to avenge her death. It is upon this that members of Kaplelon clan descended on the mourners and started pelting them with stones.

Godfrey Mangusho, an eye witness said that members of Kaplelon clan mounted a roadblock where they intercepted some members of Kapkwech clan who were trying to flee the scene in a truck that had ferried them to the funeral.

They clobbered them with sticking killing three people instantly and injuring several others. According to Mangusho, the mob also set the truck ablaze. Police arrived at the scene more than one hour later and evacuated the injured and the bodies to Kapchorwa Hospital.

Joseph Okwakol, the Kween Resident District Commissioner, says seven people are currently nursing injuries at Kapchorwa hospital. He says the perpetrators of the mob action will face the full wrath of the law, adding that police have deployed in the area to avoid any possible revenge attack. So far no arrests have been made.