The ministry of transport has had a one days’s workshop with bus owners in the country and has criticized the qualicel bus terminal for the poor working conditions

According to the minser of transport Mr. Aggrey Bagiire, there was a discovery from the research that the ministry of transport took. In this discovery the biggest bus terminal qualicel in Uganda lucked all the necessities that it was needed for them to operate.

The minister also hinted on the brokers who corn passengers while going to the terminals.

“These people are real thieves. Someone is walking, knowing where he is going and then this man comes pulling him. We come knowing where we are going. Adds Hon Bagiire.

On the issue of Arua PARK, he said that Nile, California busses as well as busses to Juba, board passengers on street instead of the gazated areas for parking.

According to the minister Hon Bagiire, Multiplex is warned to sop selling parking tickets to bus owners since it is against the law. It is on this note that the minister directed police to arrest all multiplex ticket sellers if they are caught in the act of selling tickets to the bus owners. He elucidates that busses are only supposed to park in the areas that were made for hem for parking.

The dialogue was aimed at reducing traffic in the city through streamlining the transport sector as well a decongesting the city.