By Kiyimba Bruno

This morning the ministry of health has confirmed to have acquired the letter and certificate of financial implication for the National Health Insurance bill.

The bill was drafted in2014 to facilitate provision of accessible and affordable quality health care to all Ugandans.

According to Dr Diana Atwine from the ministry of health, the Bill shall ensure that residents have access to quality healthcare services that are equitable and affordable.

“The bill that we have acquired is going to sort many grievances of innocent Ugandans in terms of health.” Adds Dr. Atwine

The Bill seeks to maintain and promote a high standard of healthcare delivery services under the National Health Insurance Scheme as well as promoting social protection by protecting households from high expenditure- incurred when they access health services.

Every 25th of April, Uganda joins the World to commemorate World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day gives us an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the strategies the country implements to combat the disease.

Several activities shall be conducted days prior to World Malaria Day to shed light on the day.

It is on this note that the ministry of health came up with four key interventions that Uganda shall keep on using to fight Malaria.

The four interventions include long lasting long lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LLINs) for people at risk, Case Management of Malaria with appropriate anti-malaria drugs for people with probable or confirmed Malaria, Insecticide Residual Spraying for households at risk, as well as Intermittent Preventive treatment in Pregnancy (ITPp) in high transmission areas