By Kiyimba Bruno

The guidelines to replace the 2013 national integration for the ART,PCMT and infant as well as young child feeding have been adopted by the ministry y of health in Uganda.


Speaking to the press during an interview at hotel Africana, Prof. Anthony K Mbonye, the AG. Director General Health services said that the guidelines emphasize the contium across HIV treatment, prevention, treatment and care.

In these guidelines, HIV treatment is now based on the test and treats approach for all people living with HIV regardless of the CD4 cell count or disease stage.

He adds that all HIV infected adults, adolescents and children at any CD4 cell count or disease stage are eligible and should be started on antiviral treatment as soon as they are ready.

These involve the HIV infected adults, HIV infected adolescents and children, HIV infected members of most at risk or adults, HIV infected adolescents and children as well as many more.

It is on this note that he appealed to all partners, facility and all stake holders to promote and judiciously implement these new guidelines.