State Minister for Urban Development Isaac Isanga Musumba has this Sunday gone public to ask the voters in Kamuli Municipality to vote NRM flag bearer Hajat Rehema Watongola against his own wife.

Musumba is the officially known husband to Salaam Musumba, an FDC Candidate in the six-man race. The Minister has spoken at three rallies today in Busota parish, Southern Division.

“I am here to ask you to vote NRM and our Candidate, Hajat Rehema Watongola on Wednesday”, said the Minister. His appearance in the field has set a new pace with ‘foot soldiers’ feeling more rejuvenated to work even harder in these remaining days.

The Minister has pledged to remain around until Watongola is declared winner. “Although you are aware that I have some relationship with one of the candidates in this race, I am personally yellow and I support NRM so we should vote Hajat Watongola” Musumba said in reference to his relationship with Salaam.

The vacancy of the Member of Parliament for Kamuli Municipality occurred when the Court of Appeal nullified the election of former MP Hon. Rehema Watongola. As required by law the statutory deadline for conducting a Parliamentary by-election is sixty (60) days after notification from Clerk to Parliament on the occurrence of the vacancy.

The Commission received the notice on 17th February 2017, and therefore, the statutory deadline for holding the by-election is 17th April 2017.