Men susu in their pants as they get locked in a lift together with ladies.
By Kiyimba Bruno

Tensions have been witnessed at the ministry of finance as 10 people get stranded in a locked up lift. This happened as they paved their way down wards from the 7th floor of the ministry building.
These involved six gentlemen of whom two were journalists who had just finished covering the story of the minister Kasaija as he signed a loan deal wot the French ambassador.
As they went downwards,quarter way to the 1st floor,the lift stopped. One man said.” Maama nze” meaning oh my mom. As soon as he said that, the one who was standing at a distant area realised there was a problem. He started moving slowly near his colegues.
Shortly he do not know who he was holding. But the fact is that he was holding her tight. This signified fear.
Later his pants were seen wet. As long as the lady saw that, instead of crying she bursted into laughter. Indeed she had never seen that.
This incidence took away the confusion. Intact she moved near the buttons and pressed the alarm button.
This dude didn’t believe they would get out.
To make matters worse, power went off. Every one including those who had stayed strong shouted;
“God save us”. This was like a song that was sung continuously.
Security responded by forcing the squeezer handle in between the two lift doors.
The inner doo opened and after five minutes the outer door was also opened.
At this moment,no one wished to stay in. Ladies forgot their bags inside the lift as they rushed to jump outside. It were the security officers that had to get the ladies bags back.
Sweating , rushing to leave the building, they all left thanking God for saving them.
Previously four journalists faced the same incident at the Uganda house. This lift at the Uganda house fell all the way from the 7th floor up to down. Luck enough no one died. Though most of them left Witt wounds and damaged phones and laptops.