By Kiyimba Bruno

Jimmy Enabu is one of the few basketball players in Ugandan super league who have become the horse of his club. Jimmy is a City Oilers horse who has managed to pave his way through playing basketball and turning the whole crowd come watch who really Jimmy is

Where has he played from?

Jimmy has played his basketball since the Knight riders club from where he went to the U.C.U canons basketball club in 2010.

This is where he shied so much that in 2011, power had to sign him for 2 good seasons from which he managed to get a big signature to the papers of the mighty city oil.

From 2013 to date, this is the horse that drives the oilers to the extent that they don’t give a chance for any Ugandan team to win the league title.

Q and A

Bruno: what special motivation do you receive from the coaches that manage to move you on as a star?

Jimmy: There is totally nothing. The coaches are good, passionate and experienced. They don’t take a player for granted.

Bruno: wow…….. And the city oil?

Jimmy: they keep their promises. When ever you win, the stakes go higher.

Bruno: Do you have plans of leaving the oilers for another club in the new season?]

Jimmy: not really. I have a contract that guides me. Am still a city oiler.

Bruno: so are you married Jimmy?

Jimmy: No

Bruno: Any kids?

Jimmy: No

Bruno: What is your biggest dream now that you have played the Zone five?

Jimmy: my biggest dream? Oh no. …….. Hahahhaahhahahaah… Errm actually I just want to win the African zonal.

Bruno: looks a big dream… hope it comes true… so what advice do you have for he young basketballers out there?

Jimmy: They should always work hard, be patient and always trust the leadership.