By Namugerwa Martha


Many African women tend to undermine jobs which is not the case for Angela Rose Atim, the only female boda boda rider in Moroto Municipality and perhaps in the entire Karamoja sub-region.

African culture had for long confined women to domestic work, however, such chains have been broken and women today have become more daring than ever.

Atim who was orphaned at a young age attended Kokorio Primary School before moving to Katakwi Technical School to study tailoring, however, she could not complete the course due to lack of school fees.

Atim  who is  22-years-old, before joining the bodaboda riding business she was first introduced to selling tomatoes and other vegetables like sukumawiki by a friend in Moroto  which was a very crowded business yet very few customers, that is when she developed the idea to start riding a boda boda.

“I hire a motorcycle for which i pays Shs15,000 to the owner every day and i makes an average of shs 40,000 per day part of which I use to fuel and service the motorcycle as well as buying household items,” she says.

Atim adds that she has been in the business for at least five months now and on average she saves shs 10000 every day which she hopes to buy her own bodaboda in the near future.