By Kiyimba Bruno

As Christmas period comes closer, many events have been organized, one of which is the Christmas festival which was organized by new vision. This festival took place at Lugogo and has just ended with sacks of money being collected to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ through the young generation.

Now again Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation [UBC] has also organized one which shall take place in the UBC gardens for “Eseza omuto “ who used work at WBS now at UBC.

These events are specifically organized for kids who pay UGX 10,000 and adult entrance free of charge

The logic in these events is that parents are less than children hence it makes makes more business sense to target children. For example, in a family you  find a man and woman having four children whom they all wish to go and participate.

Four children sum up to UGX40, 000 where if it was a man and his wife, it would be only UGX 20,000.

You find that actually these guys make enough money from such a festival

Currently UBC is Uganda’s national broadcaster and worst of all, it is one of the few media houses having issues with payment of salaries of its employees.

I still wonder who will be next after UBC because even up to now, there are many more people organizing festivals allover the country.