NRM leaders in Masindi district have rejected the presidential age limit amendment saying that there is no need to amend it now.

The leaders rejected the amendment of article 102b during the NRM conference at country inn hotel which had been called by NRM secretariat. The team from the NRM secretariat was being led by Milton Muwuma.

The meeting was attended by the district and municipal councilors, NRM leagues from both the district and the municipality, the sub county leaders and the opinion leaders.

During his presentation, Muwuma asked the Masindi NRM leaders to support the amendment of Article 102b which the leaders rejected with immediate effect.

When the leaders were asked to support the amendment, they responded angrily by pointing out reasons hindering them from supporting the amendment.

Solomon Asimwe a councilor at masindi municipal council accused the Member of Parliament for Masindi municipality, Ernest Kiiza for failing to consult them during his consultations noting as municipal leaders they were not consulted at all and his consultation was not thorough.

Another councilor fro masindi municipal council known as Yusuf Nyamayarwo accused NRM government for taking Bunyororo for granted.
Fredrick Bagonza Mandella, the LC3 chairperson, noted that instead of amending only article 102b, there should be a comprehensive amendment of the entire constitution such that they are not seen as being selfish

Joseph Wamani, the NRM District youth councilor, noted that as youth they are aware that that article 102 talks specifically about the office of the president noting they are only blind folding them by saying that the amendment will consider the youth.

He noted that if they want to talk about the youth they should talk about amendment of the local government act where the youth are inclusive.

Mary Mujumura, the female district councilor representing Bwijanga Sub County said that they passed a resolution as district council not that they wanted money but the MPs had left them out as Masindi district council in their programs of consultations.

Silvia Karungi, the councilor representing Kikwanana ward to Masindi municipal council, noted that they are passing through a lot of intimidation since security learnt that their council wanted to pass a resolution in protest of the amendment. She added that Masindi municipal council has been failed for several times from having their council meetings.
Karunigi said that on the 15th this month they are going to pass a resolution protesting the amendment.

The meeting was attended among others Masindi district LC5 Cosmas Byaruhanga and RDC Masindi.

It should be remembered that Masindi district Council it was the first in Bunyoro region to pass a resolution of OTAGIKWATAHO.