By Kiyimba Bruno

The president general of the democratic party (DP) Uganda has blasted the observer paper over publishing stories without consultations. This comes about after Mr Mao finding a story in the observer that  Mao and DP were given a huge amount of money to cater for the burial of the late Mathius Nsubuga, who was the party’s general secretary.

DP president Norbert Mao
DP president Norbert Mao addressing the press conference at the DP headquarters in Kampala

Speaking this, Mr. Mao was addressing a press conference at the DP headquarters in Kampala. He continues to say that he has enough money that could have taken care of this burial just like the family of the late Nsubuga.

“The government does not pay money to  the Democratic Party directly to take care of the funeral services. But instead  it pays the whole sum to the service subscribers” Mao elucidated.

He  continues to say that he is the one who wrote to the president through the secretary general, requesting the late Nsubuga be granted an official burial which the government responded positively. It is on this note that Mr. Mao thanked the government of Uganda for the support it has given and allowing the former DP general secretary be buried in such a respectful manner.

In his statement, Mr Mao also introduced the 2017 plan for the party where they expect to strengthen all the branches and sub-branches of the party and fill all vacant areas. In this plan, DP is to practice policy development where so far 3 reports have been published. The 3 reports concentrate on education, agriculture, employment as well as public health.

Party members and journalists during the
Some of the members and journalists during the press conference

DP is also ready to carry out country wide recruitment where they target 500,000 new members to join the party by the end of 2018.

The party also plans to construct the party headquarters at Kabakanagala road in Kampala Lubaga which shall compose 5 flows .This  building is expected to consume USD 2m of which UGX 250m has been collected.

The funds are expected to  come from the fundraising campaign as well as the mobile money platforms that the party has put on top of which shall have a Stanbic bank account.