Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward defied the wishes of Jose Mourinho by voting against shutting the summer transfer window before the start of the season.

From next season, the window will close on the Thursday before the 2018/19 campaign gets underway, just as Mourinho wished, but United’s hierarchy reportedly voted the other way.

The Telegraph claim 14 of the 20 clubs in the Premier League backed the proposal to beat off competition from United of Manchester City.
Ed Woodward defies Jose Mourinho’s wishes over Man United’s transfer plans

Despite the change placing English sides at a disadvantage to teams in Europe’s other major leagues, Mourinho showed his support for the proposal when pressed last month.

He said: ‘I had a meeting with a representative of the Premier League and gave my opinion but in the end the clubs are going to vote.
‘I think obviously the democratic way, the decision will be the decision that the majority of the clubs will support and vote.

‘Of course I will meet with Mr Woodward because I know that he will want to share my opinion so I think very soon we are going to have a decision.

‘My opinion is we have to adapt to the situation, it doesn’t matter what. But as a football manager and not a market man – just a football man, just as somebody who wants to work with the team, work with the players – I would prefer the window to close as soon as possible.

‘So everybody knows the players we have and the deals will be done earlier and nobody would be waiting for the last week and we wouldn’t have the situation of sometimes a player plays game number one for a team and game number two for another team.

‘And the question marks somebody puts – if other leagues don’t close at the same time, are we in danger of losing players in the last couple of weeks? My question is how many clubs in the world are powerful enough to buy the best players in the Premier League and the answer, I think, is very obvious.

Mourinho had previously said that his own personal opinion on the Premier League’s transfer window was in favour of it shutting before the first game of the season. Manchester United’s official vote however, has been revealed to be different to their current head coach.

While some fans were worried it would mean other top European clubs can prize away the Premier League’s most talented players after the transfer window was shut, Mourinho felt otherwise. The Manchester United boss clearly felt that the league is strong enough financially to refuse to bend to other club’s wills.

He also felt that other leagues would soon follow suit and so this issue may be avoided entirely. Either way, reports have been released that both Manchester club’s voted against the transfer window shutting before the season began with 14 of the Premier League’s teams voting in favour of the decision.

The rules will be changed starting from next season on so it appears that Mourinho will have his way nonetheless. Club’s in the Premier League will be forced to complete business the Thursday before the first round of fixtures begin. Should other European leagues follow, England will look like leaders in this matter and should Europe decide not to, their club’s will still be ok financially.

However, other top officials in Italy and Germany have already supported the Premier League’s decision and have called their own countries to mirror these decisions. The Bundesliga in particular is considering the matter more seriously. Will the decision create a chaos-free world in European football?