Professor Abel Rwendeire,  chairman of  the committee set up by president Museveni to investigate the causes of strikes at Makerere University says they are starting their work today.

“Given  the nature of the probe, this inquiry will be closed to the media because the committee needs extreme concentration to come up with the report according to the public expectations”, the professor says.

The inquiry starts today with the interrogating former university administrators. “The former administrators are important stakeholders who can provide the committee with relevant information as to why they ignored previous reports that needed to be acted on regarding issues affecting the University”, professor Rwendeire says.

There has been a number of inquiries made on Makerere Univesity and reports prodeced. some of which include the Omaswa report in 2015, the Kabaasa report and  McGregor report in 2008.

President Museveni  set up a visitation committee to look into the incessant strikes at Makerere University after the latest lecturers’ sit-down strike provoked an Executive order closing it down indefinitely.

Makerere University teaching staff   went on strike after getting fed up of management’s unfulfilled promises to pay them more than Shs28 billion in incentive allowances, which have gone unpaid over the last eight months.