Makerere Management Warns Students Against Strikes

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Makerere students have began to arrive at the university after more than a month of closure.


As students arrived, the University management has warned students against strikes. Last week the student leaders had said they would strike against the deadline imposed on them to clear their tuition. The University gave a directive that all students pay up all their tuition in two weeks or miss out on sitting their end of first semester exams.


Prof Ddumba Ssentamu, the university vice chancellor, said the new policy is a government document whose formulation was overseen by the Prime Minister after consulting several stakeholders and whoever goes against it will face serious consequences.

“Paying tuition is mandatory, the policy isn’t mine, the prime minister chaired the meeting and everyone is aware of it. Members of Parliament, students, parents were consulted and whoever tries to go against it will face consequences,” he said, adding that the university was fed up of strikes.

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