City lord mayor Erias Lukwago has warned the minister of Kampala Betty Kamya against using KCCA to promote the campaign on the lifting of presidential age limit.

Addressing journalists at City Hall this morning, Lukwago says Kamya on the 31st of October wrote to KCCA executive director Jenipher Musisi asking her to mobilise all councilors to be taken to the Leadership Institute in Kyakwazi for training before they pronounce themselves on the issue of Age limit as leaders of Kampala.

In the letter , Kamya says the councillors have been admitted for a leadership programme that will take place from 12th to 19th November. Whereas the letter was supposed to have names of councillors who will attend the training, Lukwago says he never got the list.

“As discussed with you verbally, this is to confirm that KCCA Authority and Urban Division Councillors whose names appear on the attached list have been admitted to a leadership training program in the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwazi, from 12-19th November 2017. The course is fully sponsored by the institute but as is the usual practice in KCCA, they will require an out of pocket allowance,” Kamya’s letter reads.

Lukwago says KCCA is not party to the controversial age limit campaign and they have never okayed it.

He claims that this meeting is meant to brain wash the councilors to make them support the age limit bill, advising them to listen to their conscience voice of reason.

Lukwago says the aim of the meeting is to lure councillors into passing a resolution supporting amendment of the constitution to remove age caps for the president. Parliamentary Legal Affairs committee is currently handling a bill seeking to amend Article 102(b) of the constitution. The bill was tabled by Igara East MP Raphael Magyezi last month.

“I am made to understand that (Minister) Kamya is rolling out a program, once they (councillors) arrive in Kyankwazi, they are going to be indoctrinated. They are going to be brainwashed. There are arrangements for President Museveni to meet them on 14th and thereafter pass a resolution to support Magyezi’s bill,” Lukwago says.

Lukwago say KCCA as an institution is not of the Kyankwazi program because they have not sat anywhere to sanction the training.

He said he managed to establish that the Kyankwanzi meeting will be addressed by President Yoweri Museveni.

“Me and most of the Authority councillors, our positions are clear regarding the (Raphael) Magyezi bill. Nobody therefore, should come up with lies that we as the Authority are taking a joint position on it,” he said.

Lukwago vowed to summon a meeting next week for members to come up with a clear position regarding the meeting in Kyankwazi.

“I call upon all councillors to stand their ground on the age limit issue and not to get excited by the promises of Betty Kamya,” he said, accusing the minister of receiving Shs. 7 billion shillings to spend on activities aimed at promoting the age limit bill.

“If the minister had written to me asking me to prepare the councillors for the same training in Kyankwanzi, I would have rejected it there and then because its illegal” remarked Lukwago